ACE products provide asymmetric beam performance by utilizing a unique optical system to create a single perfectly defined beam of light. Typical uses include wall washing and perimeter lighting. Designed to be easily mounted to any surface, wall or ceiling, ACE products offer a wide range of lumen packages and light distributions.

Key Features

  • Uniform and diffuse asymmetric/off-axis lighting
  • Choice of beam distributions: wall wash, perimeter, graze
  • High efficiency >100lm/W
  • Choice of lumen packages
  • Choice of control systems compatibility
  • Choice of lengths (2ft, 4ft6ft, 8ft)

Download Specification Sheet Here: ACE T-Bar

ACE TBar - 2FT

1000 Lumen Package

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 1     AceT1-2FA-1000-B1-3500K-80-UNV-DM

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 2     AceT1-2FA-1000-B2-3500K-80-UNV-DM

ACE TBar - 4FT

2500 Lumen Package

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 1    AceT1-4FA-2500-B1-3500K-80-UNV-DM

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 2    AceT1-4FA-2500-B2-3500K-80-UNV-DM

ACE TBar - 6FT

4000 Lumen Package

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 1     AceT1-6FA-4000-B1-3500K-80-UNV-DM

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 2     AceT1-6FA-4000-B2-3500K-80-UNV-DM

ACE TBar - 8FT

6000 Lumen Package

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 1     AceT1-8FA-6000-B1-3500K-80-UNV-DM

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 2     AceT1-8FA-6000-B2-3500K-80-UNV-DM

AceT1 Installation Video