EDGE TBar 2"

With a leading edge optical system and ultra shallow form factor, the Edge luminaire combines both form and function to deliver the perfect beam of light. No longer is plenum space a concern, with a height of 2.1″ the Edge can be simply installed into any grid type in varying lengths and patterns. Best in class light guide technology results in distribution control, low glare, perfected lens uniformity and no pixelation, even when dimmed to 1%.

Key Features

  • Slim form factor recessed linear slot
  • 2.1″ tall
  • Easy installation
  • Designed for high performance at an affordable budget
  • Lumen packages up to 1,000 lumens/ft
  • Symmetric and asymmetric beam distributions
  • CCT from 3000K to 4000K
  • CRI 90+ available
  • High efficacy

Edge T-Bar 2" - 4FT

450 Lumens/ft

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 1    EdgeT1-F-RTB-4FA-450-B1-35K8-UNV-DM-W

525 Lumens/ft

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 1    EdgeT1-F-RTB-4FA-525-B1-35K8-UNV-DM-W

850 Lumens/ft

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 1    EdgeT1-F-RTB-4FA-850-B1-35K8-UNV-DM-W

Edge T-Bar 2" - 2x2

250 Lumens/ft

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 1    EdgeT1-F-RTB-2×2-250-B1-35K8-UNV-DM-W

375 Lumens/ft

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 1    EdgeT1-F-RTB-2×2-375-B1-35K8-UNV-DM-W

500 Lumens/ft

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 1    EdgeT1-F-RTB-2×2-500-B1-35K8-UNV-DM-W

Edge T-Bar 4ft Linear: Download Here

Edge T-Bar 2×2: Download Here