Key Features

  • A unique approach to recessed luminaires.
  • Designed for high performance at an affordable budget
  • Lumen packages from 2000 to 12000 lumens
  • Wide beam distributions
  • CCT from 3000K to 4000K
  • CRI 90+ available
  • Efficiency >100 lumen per watt
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Duo TBar

The DUO TBar is designed for ceiling and wall installations. The DUO TBar has two light Panels and is ideal for all applications. Available in 2′, 4′, 6′ & 8′.

High efficiency LED lighting fixtures designed around the concept of two parallel and perfectly matched beams of light. DUO products provide tailored light outputs and are available in a range of widths and lengths. Designed to be simply integrated into any space and available in various configurations including TBar style suspended ceiling and drywall flange kit mounting.

DUO TBar Brochure: Download Here

Beam Options: Medium to Wide (Batwing)

Lumen packages: 1000 – 1500 lumens/ft

CCT: 2700K to 4000K

CRI: 80 (nominal) to >90

Efficacy: >100lm/W

DUO TBar - 2FT

2,000 Lumen Package

3000K, 80CRI, Beam 2 (Wide)              DuoT1-2FA-2000-B2-3000K-80-UNV-DM

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 2 (Wide)              DuoT1-2FA-2000-B2-3500K-80-UNV-DM

4000K, 80CRI, Beam 2 (Wide)             DuoT1-2FA-2000-B2-4000K-80-UNV-DM

3000K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)  DuoT1-2FA-2000-B3-3000K-80-UNV-DM

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-2FA-2000-B3-3500K-80-UNV-DM

4000K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)     DuoT1-2FA-2000-B3-4000K-80-UNV-DM


2,500 Lumen Package

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 1 (Medium)          DuoT1-2FA-2500-B1-3500K-80-UNV-DM

3000K, 80CRI, Beam 2 (Wide)              DuoT1-2FA-2500-B2-3000K-80-UNV-DM

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 2 (Wide)              DuoT1-2FA-2500-B2-3500K-80-UNV-DM

4000K, 80CRI, Beam 2 (Wide)              DuoT1-2FA-2500-B2-4000K-80-UNV-DM

3000K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-2FA-2500-B3-3000K-80-UNV-DM

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-2FA-2500-B3-3500K-80-UNV-DM

4000K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)   DuoT1-2FA-2500-B3-4000K-80-UNV-DM


3,000 Lumen Package

3000K, 80CRI, Beam 2 (Wide)                DuoT1-2FA-3000-B2-3000K-80-UNV-DM

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 2 (Wide)                DuoT1-2FA-3000-B2-3500K-80-UNV-DM

4000K, 80CRI, Beam 2 (Wide)               DuoT1-2FA-3000-B2-4000K-80-UNV-DM

3000K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-2FA-3000-B3-3000K-80-UNV-DM

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-2FA-3000-B3-3500K-80-UNV-DM

4000K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)

DUO TBar - 4FT

4,000 Lumen Package

3000K, 80CRI, Beam 2 (Wide)              DuoT1-4FA-4000-B2-3000K-80-UNV-DM

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 2 (Wide)              DuoT1-4FA-4000-B2-3500K-80-UNV-DM

4000K, 80CRI, Beam 2 (Wide)              DuoT1-4FA-4000-B2-4000K-80-UNV-DM

3000K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-4FA-4000-B3-3000K-80-UNV-DM

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-4FA-4000-B3-3500K-80-UNV-DM

4000K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-4FA-4000-B3-4000K-80-UNV-DM


5,000 Lumen Package

3000K, 80CRI, Beam 2 (Wide)              DuoT1-4FA-5000-B2-3000K-80-UNV-DM

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 2 (Wide)              DuoT1-4FA-5000-B2-3500K-80-UNV-DM

4000K, 80CRI, Beam 2 (Wide)              DuoT1-4FA-5000-B2-4000K-80-UNV-DM

3000K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-4FA-5000-B3-3000K-80-UNV-DM

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)   DuoT1-4FA-5000-B3-3500K-80-UNV-DM

4000K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-4FA-5000-B3-4000K-80-UNV-DM


6,000 Lumen Package

3000K, 80CRI, Beam 2 (Wide)              DuoT1-4FA-6000-B2-3000K-80-UNV-DM

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 2 (Wide)              DuoT1-4FA-6000-B2-3500K-80-UNV-DM

4000K, 80CRI, Beam 2 (Wide)              DuoT1-4FA-6000-B2-4000K-80-UNV-DM

3000K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-4FA-6000-B3-3000K-80-UNV-DM

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-4FA-6000-B3-3500K-80-UNV-DM

4000K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-4FA-6000-B3-4000K-80-UNV-DM

DUO TBar - 8FT

8,000 Lumen Package

3000K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-8FA-8000-B3-3000K-80-UNV-DM

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-8FA-8000-B3-3500K-80-UNV-DM

4000K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-8FA-8000-B3-4000K-80-UNV-DM


10,000 Lumen Package

3000K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-8FA-10000-B3-3000K-80-UNV-DM

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-8FA-10000-B3-3500K-80-UNV-DM


12,000 Lumen Package

3000K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-8FA-12000-B3-3000K-80-UNV-DM

3500K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-8FA-12000-B3-3500K-80-UNV-DM

4000K, 80CRI, Beam 3 (Super-Wide)    DuoT1-8FA-12000-B3-4000K-80-UNV-DM

Download Specification Sheet Here: Specification Sheet

Duo TBar Standard Install

Duo 2×2 Fluorescent Fixture Swap

Duo TBar Revit Files: Download Here