QUAD TBar Square

Downlight Redefined

The QUAD TBar is unlike any other recessed down-light in the LED lighting industry. With a unique mounting on the intersection of the ceiling grid, there is no need for grid customization, as the fixture seamlessly integrates on the existing grid system. Ceiling panels lay on the flanges provided by the fixture housing and with ARON Lighting’s partnership with Armstrong Ceilings, custom ceiling panels are available to make installation even simpler.

With many aesthetic and performance options, as well as exceptional output levels of up to 750 lumens per quadrant, the QUAD TBar truly redefines how lighting designers and architects can integrate a down light into any space, including offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and retail applications.

Key Features

Unique Installation at intersection of grid ceiling

Compatible with any grid ceiling system

Shallow profile of just 3″ in height

Edge-Lit Optical System providing low glare illumination

Multiple Design and Performance options

Ceiling tiles supported by fixture flanges

Armstrong Partnership providing made to order tile codes

The QUAD is available to order in 4, 3, 2 and 1 quadrant configurations providing various performance and aesthetic options.

Field Adjustable Spotlight - Drops on the TBar


ConfigurationOptical PerformanceIES FileSpec SheetRevit Family
LPA Field Adjustable Beam Angle (1200 Lumens)IES FileSpec SheetQUAD Spotlight Revit Family
GX10 Series (800 Lumens)Contact FactorySpec SheetQUAD Spotlight Revit Family
GX15 Series (1150 Lumens)1150 Lumen GX 15 IESSpec SheetQUAD Spotlight Revit Family
GX25 Series (1800 Lumens)1800 Lumen GX 25 IESSpec SheetQUAD Spotlight Revit Family

4 Quadrant Configuration

QuadT1-FSQ-AR-BR-CR-DR-…                                             QuadT1-SSSQ-AR-BR-CR-DR-…

3 Quadrant Configuration

QuadT1-FSQ-AR-BX-CR-DR-…                                             QuadT1-SSSQ-AR-BX-CR-DR-…

2 Quadrant Diagonal Configuration

QuadT1-FSQ-AX-BR-CX-DR-…                                             QuadT1-SSSQ-AX-BR-CX-DR-…

2 Quadrant Parallel Configuration

QuadT1-FSQ-AR-BX-CX-DR-…                                             QuadT1-SSSQ-AR-BX-CX-DR-…

1 Quadrant Configuration

QuadT1-FSQ-AR-BX-CX-DX-…                                             QuadT1-SSSQ-AR-BX-CX-DX-…

QUAD Square Photometry and IES

ConfigurationOptical PerformanceIES FileRevit File
125 Lumens per Quadrant
Beam 2 (Wide)

250 Lumens per Quadrant
Beam 2 (Wide)

400 Lumens per Quadrant
Beam 2 (Wide)

500 Lumens per Quadrant
Beam 2 (Wide)

750 Lumens per Quadrant
Beam 2 (Wide)
4 Quadrant, 125, RB2_IES

4 Quadrant, 250, RB2_IES

4 Quadrant, 400, RB2_IES

4 Quadrant, 500, RB2_IES

4 Quadrant, 750, RB2_IES
QUAD Square Family Revit
400 Lumens per Quadrant
Beam 2 (Wide)
2 Quadrant Diagonal, 400, RB2_IESQUAD Square Family Revit
400 Lumens per Quadrant
Beam 4
2 Parallel, 400, B4_IESQUAD Square Family Revit

QUAD Square Spec Sheet + Installation Instructions

ConfigurationSpec SheetInstallation Instructions

For Standard Regressed Lens
QUAD Square Spec Sheet - Regressed Lens ONLY4 Quadrant

3,2,1 Quadrant

For Configurations of Other Light Sources & Technologies Including:
Wall Wash, Spotlight, Drop Lens, Speaker, Sensor...
QUAD Square Spec Sheet - Configurations4 Quadrant

3, 2, 1 Quadrant

QUAD Solo IES Files

ConfigurationOptical PerformanceIES FileSpec SheetRevit Family
QUAD Wall Wash .IES File (WW1, WW2, WW3)Wall Wash IES Files (All Beam Types)Spec SheetQUAD WW Revit Family (Contact Factory)
QUAD Drop Lens .IES Files (.5" & 1")QUAD Drop Lens .IES Files (.5" & 1")Spec SheetQUAD DL Revit Family (Contact Factory)
QUAD Regressed Lens (RB1 & RB2)RB1 & RB2Spec SheetRevit
QUAD Spot Light IES Files (SP01 & SP02)QUAD Spot Light IES Files Spec SheetSpot Light Revit Family

QUAD Family Marketing

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QUAD TBar Square Product Page

QUAD TBar - Round

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QUAD TBar Round Product Page

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