QUAD Tech Corner

Easy Installation of Building IoT and Lighting Solutions with a Unique, Architectural Look.

See our IoT Solutions Below:

A Light Fixture Integrated with Building IoT Devices

The QUAD TBar’s Modular system allows for a seamless installation of any and all building IoT necessities. With an easy mounting capability at the intersection of the TBar, you can clean up ceiling space by installing at intersecting corners.


Single Drop Down for Speaker System, Lighting, and other Devices
JBL 42 Ct Integrated Speaker and PA system


Integrated Sensors for a Seamless Installation
Enlighted & Crestron Sensor Ready, with other OEMs available

Bluetooth and PoE

Achieve ultimate control of ARON light fixtures through our Bluetooth and PoE Partnerships

Accent Lighting

360 Degree Rotatable Spotlight Integration
Field Adjustable 14-50 Degree Beam Angle

Down Lighting

Low Glare Beveled Down Light in different Shapes
See QUAD TBar Square and Round

Our Partnership with JBL provides the highest sound quality, paired with our innovative QUAD TBar Downlight. Seamlessly drop both sound applications and lighting at the intersection of any TBar system and power up. Both surround sound and perimeter lighting can be installed with ease!

See Below for JBL specs and sound data on their website.


ConfigurationOptical PerformanceIES FileSpec SheetRevit Family
LPA Field Adjustable Beam Angle (1200 Lumens)IES FileSpec SheetQUAD Spotlight Revit Family
GX10 Series (800 Lumens)Contact FactorySpec SheetQUAD Spotlight Revit Family
GX15 Series (1150 Lumens)1150 Lumen GX 15 IESSpec SheetQUAD Spotlight Revit Family
GX25 Series (1800 Lumens)1800 Lumen GX 25 IESSpec SheetQUAD Spotlight Revit Family


The QUAD TBar comes sensor ready with our Enlighted OEM Partnership. Easily install your lighting and IoT controls at the intersection of any TBar. All drivers are integral to the fixture while keeping an ultra low plenum profile.

The Sensor can be ordered in any configuration of Quadrants, with recessed downlights, a speaker, and spotlight!

Contact Factory For other Sensor Integrations


The QUAD TBar is now RGBW enabled. Compatible with any DMX or DALI system, the QUAD can be controlled as a whole fixture, or each quadrant can be controlled independently.

Contact Factory For Further Information

Drop Lenses

Achieve different beam distributions with The QUAD TBar drop lenses. Our thermo-formed lenses add dimensionality to the room while providing different aesthetics from a typical down lighting application.

Available in various drop lengths:    .5″    .75″   1″   1.25″

Contact Factory For Further Information

Contact ARON for Camera Integration Details

QUAD WW & DropLens IES

ConfigurationOptical PerformanceIES FileSpec SheetRevit Family
QUAD Wall Wash .IES FileIES FileSpec SheetQUAD WW Revit Family
1000lm QUAD Drop Lens 1" .IES File1000lm Drop Lens 1" .IES FileSpec SheetQUAD Spotlight Revit Family

QUAD Square Spec Sheet + Installation Instructions

ConfigurationSpec SheetInstallation Instructions
QUAD Square Spec Sheet4 Quadrant
QUAD Square Spec Sheet3, 2, 1 Quadrant