UNO - Suspended

UNO – an architecturally unique and compact LED linear pendant luminaire providing efficient, low glare light distribution. UNO measures just 3.67″ by 2.17″ and is capable of light output of up to 1500 lumens per foot with independent up/down control. Using advanced direct and indirect optical systems UNO provides wide spread uplight as well as controlled low glare downlight. UNO is offered with choice of color temperatures or tunable white options, as well as advanced controls for independent indirect/direct light control. UNO can also be powered over low voltage aircraft suspension cables if desired.

Key Features

Combining form and function to deliver quality illumination

Unique aluminum extrusion design and cast aluminum end caps

Precision beam control with independent advanced edge lit optical system and indirect beam splitting optic

Available in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K , 80 and 90 CRI as well as tunable white options

Lumen options up to 1500 lumens per ft

Available in single fixture lengths up to 8ft as well as continuous run lengths with simple joining method

Efficiency > 115 lumens per watt

Power Over Aircraft Cable  -or- Standard Power Dropdown

Guide Pins for Simple Alignment


Quick and Simple Joining Mechanism


Zero Light Leakage

Beam Options:

B1 (35 up/65 down)
B2 (65 up/35 down)
B3 (20 up/80 down)
B4 (80 up/ 20 down)
B5 (0 up/ 100 down)

Lumen packages: Up to 1,500 lumens/ft

CCT: 3000K to 4000K

CRI: 80 (nominal) to >90

Efficacy: >120lm/W

Ultimate Performance:

Uniform Light Distribution and Maximized Fixture Spacing

UNO Suspended Spec Sheet + Installation Instructions

ConfigurationSpec SheetInstallation Instructions

UNO Suspended 4-8'

UNO Suspended Spec Sheet

UNO Suspended Installation Guide - 4-8ft

UNO Suspended Continuous Run

UNO Suspended Spec Sheet

UNO Suspended Installation Guide - Cont. Run
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UNO Suspended Photometry and IES

ConfigurationFootageOptical PerformanceIES FileRevit File
UNO Suspended 4FT

All Distributions
100% Down
20% UP / 80% Down
35%UP / 65% Down
65% UP / 35% Down
80% Up / 20% Down

UNO Suspended IES Files (All Distributions)Revit